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South Wales Catering and Event Hire delivering wide selection of  exhibition furniture hire for the Law Cardiff. You can choose from our wide range of chairs and  tables to display cabinets and every other event essentials  you are looking for!


Law Cardiff is an event that will see the amalgamation of the eminent law firms and organizations of the profession's leading exhibitions and training congress. The place will be a hub where all the professionals will socialize and discuss about important issues and ideas. There will be conferences which will be presided over by professionals and experts in this field who will be interacting with other professionals and give them a general review about the working of this particular sector.Law Cardiff is a place which will provide excellent training for the new professionals to display the latest products and services available in the legal profession. The event is surely going to enhance the confidence and knowledge of all the professionals and businessmen working or is related in this sector.

 For any help with hiring exhibition furniture for this event or any other event, please email sales@southwaleshire.com or call 0800 910 1155. Alternatively you can speak to one of our friendly staff via the Zopim feature in the bottom right corner while you browse the site.