Mobile Bars

Serve drinks at your next party or function with our great mobile bar hire. We've got everything you need to keep the booze flowing and your guests happy

Chester Bar Stool Hire - Black   Chester Bar Stools
£16.00 exc-Vat
Chester Bar Stool Hire - Red   Chester Bar Stools
£16.00 exc-Vat
Chester Bar Stool Hire - Cream   Chester Bar Stools
£16.00 exc-Vat
Black Square Wooden Poseur Table For Hire   Poseur Tables
£20.00 exc-Vat
Silver Saturn Bar Stool for hire   Saturn Bar Stools
£12.00 exc-Vat
Saturn Bar Stool Rent - Black   Saturn Bar Stools
£12.00 exc-Vat
Saturn Bar Stool Hire - Blue   Saturn Bar Stools
£12.00 exc-Vat
Saturn Bar Stool Hire - Red   Saturn Bar Stools
£12.00 exc-Vat

Setting up a popup bar has never been easier with our mobile bar hire. We’ve got all the bar furniture, equipment and accessories you will need to get things going.

What is there to know about mobile bar hire?

We can help with all aspects of mobile bar hire that you might need.

Our bar furniture hire section has all the furniture you might need to create your bar area. From bar stools and cocktail tables to beer benches and tables, we’ve got the seating you will need. We also stock LED stools, chairs and bar counters to help bring your event to life.

When it comes to bar equipment, it’s important to have the stuff you need to store and serve drinks. This can mean everything from counter fridges to ice machines to draught beer dispensers and glasswashers. We’ve got everything you need to kit out your bar properly.

Accessories are important too. Making cocktails without a blender or cocktail shaker can be an interesting experience, while things like pourers and speed racks make tending bar a much easier experience.

How does delivery of mobile bar hire work?

We clean and check every item of mobile bar hire before we ready it for delivery. All of our electrical equipment is PAT tested and comes with a standard three pin UK plug. Some equipment can be large, so please make sure there is ample access without steps and that doorways are wide enough to admit people carrying larger items.