Event Hire Cardiff Premium Delivery Service

Deliveries can be a pain in the bum – quite literally. Delivering heavy hire equipment can sometimes be a real problem for our drivers and if no one is around to help them it can become a very painful experience indeed, particularly when trying to deliver furniture that is awkward or cumbersome.

Why Premium Delivery for Event Hire?

Sometimes, it’s impractical for a customer to have assistance available on site. There are a huge range of everyday scenarios where things have to be done swiftly or where it’s just impossible for a customer to help our drivers. We’ve been taking feedback from the hundreds of deliveries and collections we do every week to understand more about what we can do.

To better meet demand we’ve introduced a Premium Delivery service.

How much does Premium Delivery of Event Hire cost?

Premium Delivery costs a flat £50 on the top of a normal delivery charge and adds two components to our standard delivery service.

The first and most important thing it allows for is a second person to be in the van to help unload. This is really, really useful for heavy items as it means a driver hasn’t got to struggle with it all on his own. This is particularly useful if there is no possibility of assistance available on site.

Secondly, it also ensures that the delivery slot allocated for that delivery and collection is doubled in length. This means that there will be less deliveries allocated to that driver for the day, which in turn should make it easier for a timely delivery and collection.

Need Event Hire out of normal hours?

Another thing we have been working hard on is out of hours deliveries.

We’ve noticed a growth in orders where we have had requests from customers to deliver or collect very late at night as an event has had to be de-rigged immediately. Although our core hours remain 8am to 8pm, we understand that sometimes it’s impossible for a delivery or collection to be completed in these hours and that some flexibility is needed.

Because of the nature of out of hours orders, we have to consider them on an order by order basis. Costs are worked out on a scale with orders between 10pm and 6am being the most expensive. If you would like to talk to our team about the possibility of an out of hours delivery or collection, please call us on 0800 910 1155.