Blackwood Event Hire

If you're looking for event hire in Blackwood, find out how we can help you at Expo Hire South Wales. We deliver throughout South Wales seven days a week

Blackwood is a town in the county borough of Caerphilly. Founded by colliery owner John Hodder Moggridge in the early 19th century as an attempt at a model village, Blackwood suffered horrific conditions during the industrial revolution. These days, Blackwood is a home for light industrial and hi-tech firms. It's also known for being the home of rock band the Manic Street Preachers.

We're proud to deliver event hire to venues throughout Blackwood. Some of the products we can deliver to you include:

Patio Heater Hire in Blackwood

Keeping outdoor spaces warm can be a challenge in the Great British Climate. Our patio heaters for hire are a great solution to ensuring that your guests can sit in comfort outdoors whether it’s a lazy summer evening, a brisk autumnal day or a fresh spring afternoon.

We have two kinds of outdoor heater for hire available; gas and electric. Electric patio heaters are great for focused heat on specific enclosed areas where there is a good power connection, while gas patio heaters are better for open areas which require heat to be radiated throughout the space.

We’ve sourced the best LPG patio heaters for hire to ensure that they are easy to start, reliable and fuel efficient. We also supply 13kg LPG bottles so that you don’t need to worry about getting hold of fuel.

For those with huge spaces to heat, our space heaters for hire are perfect. These are a more industrial version of a patio heater, and are capable of heating large spaces for long periods of time.

Catering Equipment Hire in Blackwood

Whether it’s chafing dishes to keep food warm or double bottle coolers to keep beer cold, we’ve got you covered with our range of catering equipment hire. We have an extensive selection of ovens, fridges and cookers ready for use in a range of situations.

Some items, like our barbecues and display fridges are equally popular in an outdoor setting at events like festivals and fetes as they are for indoor events. These kinds of items are incredibly popular in the summer and availability can get stretched. In colder times there’s nothing better than a nice warm pie or pastry – and no better piece of equipment to make it than our turbofan ovens.

We stock appliances powered both by gas and electricity to give our customers maximum of choice. All appliances are inspected, cleaned and tested prior to delivery for peace of mind.